WATCH: Megyn Kelly Counters Bill O'Reilly, Says She Did Complain About Him

In this May 5, 2016 photo, Megyn Kelly poses for a portrait in New York. Donald Trump is a guest on Kelly’s first Fox network special, which airs May 17. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

Bill O’Reilly’s key claim against every sexual misconduct allegation is that no one ever reported anything during his time there, and that the “allegations” only started popping up after former Fox chief Roger Ailes was busted.

That’s not an outright denial, but it is O’Reilly’s way of trying to cast his accusers in a negative light.

However, at least one former Fox News host, and major TV personality, is speaking out today, calling O’Reilly’s claim false: Megyn Kelly.

On the Today Show, Kelly gave an impassioned account of her struggles working alongside O’Reilly, and claimed that she had, in fact, complained about his behavior.

Kelly originally included in her memoir about Ailes and the sexual harassment claims against him, including by her. She spoke about that chapter this morning and then showed a clip of O’Reilly firmly dismissing the claims floating around about Ailes and the network, then revealed a portion of the email she sent to Fox executives about O’Reilly’s words.


Kelly says she was told O’Reilly would be dealt with, and that in this case, that apparently meant greenlighting O’Reilly to go on air that night to try to shame women into not coming forward about the allegations.

O’Reilly, meanwhile, is currently trying to rehabilitate his image with the public – something his friend Sean Hannity seems more than willing to help out with – and is lashing out about a new report showing a $32 million settlement with a female accuser against him.

The Right will have no room to complain about Weinstein or Clinton if it allows men like O’Reilly to remain a prominent thought leader within its movement.


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