Ted Cruz on the Iran Deal: "It Was Designed To Allow Cheating"

Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on CNBC on Friday to talk about some hot political topics, but at the time, few issues were as hot as the issue of the Iran Deal, which Donald Trump vowed to decertify.


Here’s what Cruz said:

One of the most important points Cruz brings up is that, despite the talk that the U.N. is going to monitor testing sites, the deal specifically states that military bases are off-limits to inspectors.

“Guess where they’re doing the testing,” he challenges one of the other talking heads on Squawkbox. “It was designed to allow cheating.”

You have numerous Obama acolytes wringing their hands over Trump’s actions because it was supposed to be one of the key elements of Barack Obama’s “legacy.” However, the deal itself is a sham, and in no way was it ever really enforceable. Which they knew. But, saying “We passed an Iran Deal!” makes a great soundbite, and that’s all that mattered to them.

To the rest of the world, however, this “What looks best in soundbites” mentality that Obama’s Administration operated by should be worrisome. We know Israel is concerned, and Trump working to get rid of (or, at least, amend) the Iran Deal is a good thing.

Cruz, someone who was a bitter rival of Trump toward the end of the 2016 Primary, gets this.


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