If Nothing Else, Donald Trump Is Right About Mitch McConnell


It must be painful for Donald Trump to sit in his office and think about all the plans he had for being a guy who got things done, only to realize it’s not happening.


I mean, let’s face it: Trump has absolutely nothing significant other than the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court that he can say he got through Congress. It’s embarrassing, really, and Trump knows it.

His frustrations are clearly mounting, because we’re getting more reports of his private conversations, and no matter what feuds he has with his Cabinet or his staff, there is one feud that is currently longer running than the others – the feud between him and Mitch McConnell. Via Axios:

“Mitch isn’t up to it,” Trump privately tells associates, arguing that McConnell is a failed leader, past his prime, without the strength or stamina required to ram through his agenda.

Trump gets a kick out of his favorite TV host, Lou Dobbs, who constantly trashes GOP congressional leaders. (The president often calls Dobbs to praise him on his shows, revel in his attacks on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and to seek his opinions on various issues.)

Every plan that Trump has endorsed has died in the Senate, and it’s because McConnell can rein in his caucus… and, let’s be honest, McConnell has done nothing to unite his caucus since conservatives starting challenging his lieutenants back in 2010 and 2012.


Trump, meanwhile, seems to have tried to show McConnell he’s willing to work with him, namely through his endorsement of Luther Strange. If you read that endorsement as “I helped you, Mitch, now you help me,” then the endorsement makes sense. But, McConnell does not appear to like or respect Trump any more than Trump now likes or respect him, so it’s incredibly likely, as the above Axios story goes on to say, that we’ll see this relationship go very south and become adversarial in 2018.

It has always been the general opinion here at RedState that Mitch McConnell should be ousted from leadership, and the Senate in general, and I would gladly side with Trump on this. Trump is absolutely correct in thinking that McConnell is worthless and past his prime, and we need someone else who is capable of actually being a leader.

…Knowing our luck, however, we’re gonna get someone who is also backed by Steve Bannon, prolonging our populist nationalist nightmare.


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