BREAKING: Graham-Cassidy Dead, Will Not Get Floor Vote


The GOP’s “last ditch” effort to try and fix the Affordable Care Act is officially dead, according to sources.

Haey Byrd of the Independent Journal Review is reporting on Twitter that GOP sources have told her the bill will not come to the floor, a decision apparently made after several Republicans publicly announced their opposition to the plan.


And then, there’s this from Axios:

The Senate seems unlikely to vote on its latest bill to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act, two senior GOP aides said. At the GOP caucus lunches this afternoon, the bill’s sponsors — Sens. Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham — asked not to hold a vote, after it became apparent the bill wouldn’t pass. Leadership wants them to announce that decision, aides said.

The bill was first opposed by Rand Paul, and he was later joined by John McCain and Susan Collins.

Likewise, Senator Ted Cruz stated publicly that he did not support the bill, and hinted that Mike Lee held a similar stance. However, the statements did not seem to indicate a “No” vote from the two conservatives.

The death of Graham-Cassidy means that the GOP will head into the next fiscal year without a set health care plan. The GOP is expected to begin a major push into tax reform starting this week.


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