"Offensive" Hobby Lobby Decoration Goes Viral for Being Problematic

FILE - In this May 22, 2013, customers enter and exit a Hobby Lobby store in Denver. The Supreme Court is poised to deliver its verdict in a case that weighs the religious rights of employers and the right of women to the birth control of their choice. Employers must cover contraception for women at no extra charge among a range of preventive benefits in employee health plans. Dozens of companies, including the arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby, claim religious objections to covering some or all contraceptives. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski, File)
Pictured: People entering their local Hobby Lobby, which currently has a Problematics on sale for 50% off.

A decoration that has been on Hobby Lobby’s shelves for as long as I can remember has gone viral after a post on the store’s Facebook Page went viral.


As you can tell from the posts’s stats – 16,000 likes, 166,000 comments, and 15,000 shares – apparently this struck a chord with the social justicey elements out there.

Historically speaking, however, this Facebook post is ridiculous. Cotton is not something that was only available when the Americas brought African slaves over to pick it.

Historians trace cotton in China, for example, back to 200 B.C., and production of cotton cloth began sometime in the third century A.D. In Pakistan, meanwhile, cotton production goes back way further, sometime between 2000-2500 B.C.

People go looking for a grievance, and history be damned. It’s stupid, this Facebook post is stupid, the fact that it went viral is stupid, and the fact that we have to address basic historical facts to counter outrage culture is stupid.

Everything is stupid.


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