Fox News Star Sean Hannity Returns Power to Florida After Hurricane

sean hannity sadder

Picture: Conservative talk host Sean Hannity prior to tweeting immigration news spin so powerful it could provide energy to the hurricane-ravaged state of Florida

Following the destruction in Florida caused by Hurricane Irma, many families and homes were left without electricity for days.

However, conservative talk show host and Fox News primetime star Sean Hannity has made helped return power to the remainder of the state with an energy production initiative stemming from President Donald Trump’s dinner with House and Senate Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Engineers were able to connect powerful cables to Hannity’s initial responses to the announcement that Trump had caved on amnesty and the border wall promise. The spin from the tweet alone was able to power the vast majority of homes in Florida. The subsequent spin from several in the replies was able to provide power to the rest of the state.

Energy experts differ on how much energy was provided by the spin, but most agree that it could become a renewable energy source as long as Donald Trump remains president of the United States.


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