Ted Cruz Owned Chris Christie In Harvey Funding Rebuttal


Chris Christie (above) was called out by Texas Senator Ted Cruz when he chased headlines for another minute or two in the spotlight. He is pictured here slowly realizing that he was caught in the act.

Chris Christie’s political star faded a long time ago. We can actually pinpoint the exact moment it dimmed, never to shine again. It was, thankfully enough, a public event that made for one of my favorite Vines ever (back when Vine was a thing Twitter allowed to happen).

So, Christie recently went after Texas Senator Ted Cruz over a so-called hypocrisy in seeking funding for Hurricane Harvey damages to Texas. Cruz, however, responded in the perfect way.

“I’m sorry that there are politicians who seem really desperate to get their names in the news and are saying whatever they need to do that,” Cruz told “Fox & Friends.”

Christie’s long-standing fight with Cruz over the aid for Sandy has been renewed after record rainfall from Tropical Storm Harvey in Cruz’s own state is expected to necessitate massive federal aid.

Cruz slammed Christie for attacking him at a time when over a dozen people have died and thousands have been displaced as a result of the storm, which made landfall in Texas on Friday.

“We have a crisis on the ground with people who are hurting right now, people who are in harm’s way whose lives and families are in jeopardy as we speak. I’ll tell you my focus, and I wish the focus of others would be on saving the lives that are being threatened,” Cruz continued.


Christie believes that Cruz’s claim – that the Sandy relief bill was full of unrelated spending – which, of course, he pretty much has to say, because the relief bill was going to be spent largely in his state… but, he’s wrong. It was filled with tons of unrelated spending, and Ted Cruz was right to oppose it.

If anyone is guilty of posturing for political gain, it’s Christie, who is just seeking to stay in the headlines for another 15 minutes in the political spotlight.


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