In Order To Stop Donald Trump, We Must Accept Donald Trump


President Donald Trump in front of a giant sign that probably won’t come true during his term if we’re being honest with ourselves.

As many of you read this post, you will begin to wonder if I lost my mind (short answer: yes, but a long time ago). But, bear with me, because we’ve got to have a talk about President Donald Trump’s future in politics.


It is with great sadness that we look back on the fact that see that we absolutely, one hundred percent got it wrong from the get go. There was no way, we thought, that Donald Trump would run. Then he did. So, we thought there was no way he would stay in the race. Then he did. He then won the nomination despite what we thought and said. Then he won the presidency of the United States of America despite what we thought and said.

There is a reason for that. It should have been obvious then, but hindsight being what it is, we’ve just gotta accept that we missed this one. You see, my friends, readers, haters and losers… we should have accepted that Donald Trump would win.

Trump by his very nature is a contrarian. He is someone who does fight back, who refuses to accept what others expect, and he goes out on his own and says what he thinks. This is evident in Tuesday night’s speech, which reports indicate was off script and against the advice of his staff. He did it anyway.

He did the same thing throughout the campaign. They would try to steer him somewhere and he would veer way the hell off the beaten path. There were numerous reports to this effect. But, it was evidence we should have taken better note of. Had we done so, we might have avoided all this.


We should have said Donald Trump would win. We should have come together and predicted it, loud and often. Because Donald Trump is by his very nature a contrarian, he would have forced himself to lose just to spite all of us.

Don’t you dare shake your head, readers. You know it’s true. You know that Donald Trump would have heard that RedState, National Review, and others were predicting his victory. He’d say “Those losers? They have been so unfair. I have to prove them wrong.” And he would have shot somebody on 5th Avenue.

So, all of that said, we have to tell everyone we can that Donald Trump will win in 2020. We have to predict it, place our bets (wherever such a thing is legal?). We have to talk up the fact that not only do we have four more years of Donald Trump coming in 2020, but Donald Trump has four more years of America coming in 2020.

I don’t think there is anyone who won’t be excited about that, right?

In all seriousness, though… Is Donald Trump going to try to run again in 2020? Can he mentally or emotionally handle another four years of what he’s endured in just seven months? I don’t think he’s got the stamina. I don’t think any person could handle that.


This isn’t just some other politician who is facing additional scrutiny from the press because he’s a Republican. This is a politician who has declared war on the media and they, who already didn’t like him, returned fire. Hard. I don’t know if he stops to take a minute and think about the future, but three and a half more years of this – much less seven and a half more years – is a lot to ask of anyone.

But, of course Donald Trump won’t step down or decide to seek re-election, right? He’s a fighter. A winner. He’s gonna stick it out. He wants seven and a half more years of America.

Hint hint.


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