Netroots Nation Shouts Down Democrat Candidate For Being White

Netroots Nation, a liberal activist gathering that supposedly trains the next generation to be whiny safe-spacers, have decided that the most qualifying factor to be a Democratic candidate for office is race.


Specifically, you should not be white. Especially if another Democrat in the race is black.

In this case, it is Stacey Evans who committed the Great Sin. She is running for governor of Georgia, and her primary Democratic opponent is Stacey Abrams, who is black. Evans was giving a speech at Netroots Nation, when hecklers made it nearly impossible for her to continue her speech.

That was the saddest “hope hope hope” chant the world has ever known.

First, it was pro-life Democrats who were deemed unfit to be Democrats. Now, they seem to be pushing out white candidates. If we leave them be long enough, then maybe there will just be, like, one perfect Democrat left and she (sorry I’m assuming gender here) will just run for every office.

Whatever the opposite of Big Tent Republicanism is, liberal activists are trying to achieve it.


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