Robert Mueller's Grand Jury Might Be Going After Trump's Ex-Campaign Chief .. And Over His 'Red Line'

With a grand jury impaneled and subpoenas going out, it appears as though the Mueller investigation might be narrowing its focus.

CNN has a big piece out on the investigation (spare me your “CNN!” groaning for a moment), and it looks like three notable Trump associates had been pretty heavily investigated: Carter Page, Mike Flynn, and Paul Manafort.


Of those three, one target seems particularly connected to the news of the day, so to speak:

The grand jury, as we reported earlier, is apparently sending out subpoenas related to Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer. Manafort was at the meeting, as information later revealed. Therefore it seems like the investigation has led Mueller’s people to Manafort’s proverbial doorstep. A clear implication that the grand jury may be prepared to focus on the Donald Trump Jr. “adoption” meeting we’ve heard so much about.

But there may be more than just a meeting on the table. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN all have stories published that shed light on different aspects of the investigation. In total, what seems clear is that the investigation is onto Trump’s ties to Russia financially, and that this man include looking into his dealings beyond the timeframe and scope of the campaign. This would, of course, be over the President’s “red line”, referring to his warning that Mueller should not cross over into investigating Trump’s finances more broadly.


The Grand Jury’s specific target might be Manafort. It fits the news and what is generally known. And more broadly, Mueller’s investigation may have set a wide scope. With the reporting that is out right now, tied together with previously-known information, there is good reason to believe the general direction here is toward Manafort, meetings, and money.


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