HLN Picks Up Conservatives for New Program

HLN, the network formerly known as Headline News, has picked up two right-leaning personalities for a new panel-based talk show set to premiere next month.

S.E. Cupp, formerly of CNN’s Crossfire reboot and libertarian-leaning conservative will be the host of the new program, while Andy Levy, formerly of Fox News’ Red Eye, will be a senior producer and panelist of the show.


Here’s a brief description of the show from Adweek:

Cupp’s new program will be live and panel-driven, resembling The Five or Fox News Specialists, with the conservative political commentator serving as the centerpiece. Cupp and the panelists will address contemporary issues affecting everyday Americans through spirited debates featuring a rotating cast of guests and regular panelists.

It is rare to see right-of-center folks getting prominent roles on shows in the non-Fox media (especially at a Time Warner-owned network), but this is good news for those wishing conservative thought and opinion could break through into mainstream discussion a bit more.

Both Levy and Cupp are entertaining and will no doubt be successful in this venture. I’m glad to see this happening.


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