Hannity Is Totally Giving Up His Conspiracy Theory, Except Not Though (Updated)

Sean Hannity teased a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for his show Tuesday night. It was going to be about Seth Rich, Fox News, and his future. As you might expect, it was filled with the kind of substance we’ve come to expect from Hannity for the past several months.


Hannity has been going on and on about the great Seth Rich conspiracy, despite the fact that there is no evidence to indicate that there is any truth to it. Despite the fact that the family of the murdered DNC staffer has repeatedly asked the media to stop giving this story life. Despite a heartfelt appeal directly to Sean yesterday, a letter from Seth Rich’s brother.

Early Tuesday, Fox News retracted their original story that gave the conspiracy new life over the last week or so. At that point, Hannity was undercut by his own network.

At some point in the afternoon, Hannity went from “THIS IS THE TRUTH WE MUST SEEK” to “Guys, his parents are real upset.” As if this was the first time he was hearing about it and suddenly realized he was being an ass.



So now, Hannity has found the middle ground. He will still pursue this supposed truth (the truth he was getting from Kim Dotcom, a renegade Internet pirate, and Wikileaks), but will do so “at the proper time…” meaning he’s waiting until the heat dies down.

It is, pure and simple, pathetic hackery from a man who has beclowned himself in defense of a con man.

UPDATE: And then this happened.


Then this.


And even this.


Guess he could’t go cold turkey.


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