Trump Tweets: I'm the Victim of the "Greatest Witch Hunt"

After Robert Mueller was appointed to be the special counsel on the Russia probe investigation, President Donald Trump released a statement saying he looked forward “to this matter concluding quickly.”

The statement was a sign of victory for people who seek to control what words the President releases to the public. There are people whose only job is to make sure that the right message gets released to the public, and these people gave Trump a good statement.

Then, they mucked it all up by not taking his phone away. His 8 a.m. tweets came right on schedule, and this is all so unfair you guys.

Now, if we stopped here, it wouldn’t be so bad. While this particular whiny nonsense is quite annoying, the fact is that Obama and Clinton both got away with some shady stuff without any particular criticism, save from the right and a few honorable reporters.

However, we just spent the last eight years complaining about the guy who was complaining about the previous eight years and now we’re planning to spend four to eight years continuing to complain about the last eight years for the same thing.

If that’s too confusing Jay Caruso put it quite nicely this morning, however:

Trump is impetuous, prone to running his mouth at inopportune times, lies with ease, and can’t get out of his own way which is a good reason why his legislative agenda is sitting there like horse droppings on a Manhattan street during a hot day. The same people, however, never see fit to criticize Trump. They’re more concerned with saying, “Well, what about Barack Obama?”

What about him? He is no longer the President of the United States. 

I find it infuriating when people use the Obama standard to measure Trump.

Conservatives will argue Obama was a worse President than Jimmy Carter. That’s one hell of a benchmark. Many conservatives seem too content to measure Trump to the standards of Obama.

The fact is that, while true, it is whining to the point of distraction, and it is simple petulance. This is not something a president does. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be. I mean, Obama did-… Oh, damnit. Now you’ve got me doing it.

Anyway, that wasn’t Trump’s only tweet. That tweet alone was enough, but as we know, Trump has to outdo himself.

Here’s the thing, though. He is crying over the appointment of a special counsel being called into an investigation he says he’s not personally under. Why then is he so worried about it?

Well, that answer is easy. Anything that is used as an attempt to undermine him is, as I have said before, an attack on his pride. His manhood. He has to lash out and defend himself, even when (AS HE HAS SAID MULTIPLE TIMES) there is nothing to defend from.

As far as the unfairness of it all goes, I leave you with the words of RedState editor-in-chief Caleb Howe, responding to Trump saying no one has ever been treated as unfairly as he himself has:

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