What on Earth Did Marco Rubio Tweet That Reporters Found "Terrifying"?

Marco Rubio’s Twitter account started posted a string of tweets this morning that just disturbed the hell out out reporters.

Get it?


And from the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin (their “conservative” columnist):

My God. A man of faith started quoting the Bible. Does he not know that the Bible is a very triggering book, filled with hate and vile, right-wing rhetoric? I, for one, hope a staffer informs Senator Rubio that such things are considered problematic. This isn’t proper decorum for a person in 2017.

If these people are terrified because they think this is somehow prophetic that we’re all about to die because of Donald Trump, well, that’s a different story. I hope Rubio starts tweeting out verses from Revelation. That would be awesome.

We need more awesome.



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