Media Freaks Out After Donald Trump Proposes Radical Change to Press Briefings

It’s morning, which means Donald Trump is up and at ’em with some tweets that are freaking people out right now. Today’s topic? Getting rid of the White House press briefing.


Here’s one reporter’s reaction:

Is the White House Press Briefing even really newsworthy, or is it just a chance for two political ideologies to cheer/boo at the answers the White House gives? Hard to think otherwise. Trump is not happy with how this week’s coverage went down, and he wants to control his own narrative.


This will not, however, be some grand attack on freedom of the press or of free speech, though. Sure, people are freaking out right now and saying it’s The Worst Thing Ever, but… it’s not? The slow descent into autocracy isn’t sped up with getting rid of the clown show that press briefings have become in the last few years.

Trump is simply the wrong guy to do away with the spectacle. Assuming, that is, that he’s being serious here. This could just be another thing he’s saying just to vent because that’s what he does on Twitter.



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