Left-Wing Journalist Doesn't Apologize for Tweet Wishing Death on Republican Families

Earlier, we covered Kurt Eichenwald’s extremely controversial tweets that essentially wished death on Republicans’ families over the American Health Care Act vote.


When asked by the Daily Caller about the tweets, he responded with a screed that really doesn’t address the issue at all. It’s just more crying.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part about this screed is the part where he doesn’t address the fact that he wished for actual death on the families of his political opponents.

The hysteria over the AHCA is exactly the type you’d expect from a political movement that is spending every waking moment finding new and exciting ways to say that the Right is going to destroy the world. In this case, we are talking about pre-existing conditions and how the GOP has sentenced millions of people to death… except that, as Phil Kerpen of American Commitment notes, there are nowhere near that many people who ever enrolled in the insurance pools that covered it.

Eichenwald refers to “GOPrs” and “propagandists” who celebrate sentencing millions of Americans to death, but is himself ignoring nearly every relevant fact to the situation at hand in order to say such things.


The medical situation he’s in sucks. I do pity him there, but if we’re being intellectually honest here, what he and other liberals are saying isn’t really true. It’s a grand exaggeration for political purposes – it itself is propaganda that he is spewing.

His lack of remorse for wishing death on the families of his political rivals is, however, well beyond the bounds of what is proper societal discourse… which is of course what Eichenwald and his ilk would say about Republicans and Trump in particular.

So, spare me the weepy posturing on the issue, Kurt. When you actually apologize for wishing actual death on people, then you might have some sort of moral ground to stand on. Maybe.

“Less aggressive way”? Yeah, no. That isn’t gonna cut it.



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