AUDIO: Limbaugh Tears Into Mike Pence Over The Budget

On his show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh had Vice President Mike Pence on the air to talk about what’s going on in Washington D.C., and a large part of the conversation seemed to linger over the budget deal struck this week.


Now, if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, here are some of the relevant passages (transcription courtesy Daily Wire):

Mr. Vice President, we’ve been told this for 15 years, ‘We’ll get ’em next time, after the continuing resolution. We’ll get ’em next time. We’ll kick the can down the road.

This is, of course, a correct assessment by one of the men in conservative media who has been harping on this for years. However, he’s missing something important here. Let’s continue with some more of his rant:

Why is the president now suggesting a budget shutdown in September-October. If it’s no good now, why is it good then? You guys were sent there to drain the swamp, there’s a clear Trump agenda that just isn’t seeable, it’s not visible in this budget, and some people are getting concerned that there’s more concern for bipartisanship and crossing the aisle to work with Democrats than there is in draining the swamp.

He talks about a Trump agenda a lot in the interview with Pence. That agenda we’ve been told about since Trump became the nominee has been largely ignored, with a few pieces of red meat (continuing to talk about the wall, signing executive orders, etc.) tossed in there to keep his supporters happy.


The EPA gets funded through September, Planned Parenthood gets funded. The wall does not. So if you’re asking yourself, ‘Why am I voting Republican?’ You have a good question. Why is anybody voting Republican if this is what happens when we win. We won the House. We won the Senate. We won the White House. And the Democrats thwarted everything we supposedly said we were going to do with our victory.

In all of this, Limbaugh does not mention one thing: This is on Trump.

We were told Trump is this brilliant leader and that he was the guy who could get things done. So far, if it has involved getting Congress to go along with him, he has failed spectacularly.

And, here’s the thing: You cannot say that it is the Establishment in Washington that has blocked him. His legislative failures have been the result of opposition from the right, not the center or the left. The budget was a remarkably hands-off piece of legislation for Trump. Up until he tweeted that the government should be shut down in the Fall, we hadn’t heard much from him on the budget.


We have always held the “buck stops here” standards to our presidents. If something in Washington does or does not happen, it’s on the President. We hold that standard because we expect the person who is the leader of the nation to actually lead. If his agenda isn’t getting passed, then it is on him because he failed as a leader.

Tearing into Pence about it, whether just venting or being malicious in doing so, isn’t holding Trump to the same standard we have held our leaders to in the past.



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