BREAKING: British Police Foil Suspected Terror Attack in Whitehall

Law enforcment in Britain have apparently foiled a terrorist attack after they stopped a man armed with several knives. Scotland Yard has released a statement saying that they suspect terrorism was the motive.


According to the report, the suspect was carrying a rucksack with at least three knives. He was detained as part of a “stop and search” operation. He was arrested close to Parliament Square.

The attack comes just five weeks after a terror attack in Westminster killed five people.

The suspect is “being detained under the Terrorism Act, and is in custody in a south London police station,” the statement from Scotland Yard reads. Detectives from the Counter Terrorism Command are continuing their investigation, and as a result of this arrest there is no immediate threat known.”

The Telegraph reports that the man was “known to the security services and was being watched as part of an ongoing counter-terrorism operation.”


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