NEW: O'Reilly Camp Denies He's Being Pushed Out

Earlier today, we reported on the whispers that the Murdoch clan, owners of Fox News and other properties, were leaning toward keeping Bill O’Reilly off the air for good after a huge wave of advertisers fled his time slot.


CNN is currently running a story saying that O’Reilly and Fox are in talks for him to leave the network, but sources close to O’Reilly are saying that’s not going to happen. There is a caveat to that, however:

Even one person close to O’Reilly, however, said he will probably not be back on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The original well-placed source said an announcement about O’Reilly’s fate was likely by the end of the week.

The fact that none of these sources were willing to go on the record speaks to the delicate maneuvering underway.

21st Century Fox is set to have a board meeting this week, where O’Reilly’s future is apparently set to be discussed.

The drama surrounding O’Reilly began with allegations of sexual harassment by him. This ultimately led to Fox settling the claims (paying out millions), but the story didn’t end there. Several advertisers decided to pull their spots from his time slot in protest to his alleged behavior.

The loss of ad revenue is apparently causing a huge problem for Fox, who is now weighing its options.

21st Century Fox’s board meeting, set for Thursday, could spell out O’Reilly’s future at Fox. Or lack thereof.


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