The Parents of that 8-Year-Old Who Drove to McDonald's Deserve a Medal

There is a real American hero in our country, and that hero is an unnamed 8-year-old boy.

This child, faced with a craving for McDonald’s, drove himself and his 4-year-old sister to the fast food chain to get a snack. He planned to use money from his piggy bank to do so.


According to Koehler, the police department received numerous phone calls about a child behind the wheel of a car. Surprisingly, witnesses told cops the tiny motorist had impressive driving skills and didn’t do any damage to his father’s car or anyone else’s vehicle.

Residents said the boy followed all traffic laws, including stopping at red lights and waiting for other cars to pass before making a left turn into the McDonald’s parking lot.

Officers said the boy drove straight to the fast-food restaurant, located about a mile and a half from his home, to get something to eat. The boy’s sister, 4, was riding shotgun.

This kid is truly a hero. There is no doubt about it. But, his parents? They deserve a medal for parenting.

  • They have raised a kid who follows rules, judging from his flawless driving.
  • They have raised a self-sufficient kid, given that he used his own money to pay for his and his sister’s food.
  • They have raised a kid who thirsts for knowledge, seeing as he studied how to drive thoroughly before attempting to do so.

I would go so far as to suggest that parents who are this good have forbidden their kids from watching Caillou and Arthur on PBS, opting instead to let them learn valuable lessons from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and the fine programming on Disney Jr.

The family in this story is nameless, but we have to salute them for how well they function as a unit. Police determined this was not a case of neglect – the children had eaten three times that day already. These parents take care of their kids, but have raised them to be self-reliant. This is a huge achievement, and I say this as a teacher who has dealt with plenty of teenagers who can barely tie their own shoes.

If you know the fine people in this family, give them a hug. They’ve earned it.


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