Pathetic: Steve King Is BEGGING Donald Trump to Keep Steve Bannon Around

Over on Twitter yesterday, Steve King of Iowa started texting to Donald Trump in ways that were, for lack of a better term, incredibly pathetic.


Dear God, man. Do you have no shame?

Let’s get something right here. Bannon is no lynchpin to an energized base. Bannon represents a destructive force to the Republican Party, and virtually everything he’s had his hand in when it comes to the Trump Administration has been an utter failure.

There’s a reason people are talking about Kushner and Bannon. There is a reason people are asking who’s going to go. There is a reason King is begging Trump on Twitter to keep Bannon.

Bannon’s tenure as an adviser in the White House has been nothing short of disastrous, and Bannon is leaking stories about Kushner and asking conservative Trump loyalists to go out and save him. He knows he’s in trouble and the man who is supposed to help Trump destroy Washington is doing the most Washington thing ever: getting other people talking and gossiping in order to make himself appear stronger.


It’s pathetic. King should be better than to take part in this, but he’s either lost his senses or he’s under someone’s influence… or maybe under threat.

Whatever it is, if Trump wants any chance in hell of making this thing work, getting rid of Bannon has to come first. He’s toxic, and he’s not doing Trump any favors at all.


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