Rachel Dolezal is Back In (Trans-)Black

First, let’s set up some mood music for this piece, shall we? We’re gonna need it.

In 2015, Rachel Dolezal was all over the news because, as a NAACP leader in Spokane, Washington, it was discovered she was actually white. And, not only was she white, she was trying to hide that fact. For those who don’t remember, this is the woman we’re talking about.


Rachel Dolezal

At first, there were denials. Then, acceptance, and now… Well, she is now saying she was trans-black, which is of course the way she would go because it was so obvious she was going to go there, y’all.

Rachel Dolezal, a former NAACP leader from Spokane, Washington, who made headlines in 2015 after she was exposed as a white woman who had been representing herself as black, said Saturday that she still believes race is a “social construct.”

Whoever didn’t see this one coming needs glasses.

Two years on, Dolezal has written a memoir, titled “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World,” in which she describes identifying as black at a very early age. She told CNN’s Michael Smerconish that her aunt once made her a “black Raggedy Ann doll.”

Wait. What? Raggedy Ann in black face? What is the story here?

“She kind of recognized and seemed to understand my affinity for black is beautiful and black is inspirational,” Dolezal said.

Asked by Smerconish if she sees parallels between what she dubs her “trans-black” identity and Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender former Olympic champion, Dolezal said that “a lot of people have drawn that parallel.”


This is the kind of material that is made for April Fool’s Day, so I had to check like 145 times to see if it was real. But, it’s 100% true. All of it. Either that, or CNN is really getting into the spirit of the holiday.

This is what we have allowed. By letting people just get away with making these kinds of claims, we are allowing more and more people to hop on board with more and more trans-isms.


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