Environmental Nutjobs at Sierra Club Buy Anti-Gorsuch Ads

There are a lot of great things in this exclusive story over at The Hill, so let’s see what we can unpack from it.

The Sierra Club is a group of environmental wackos who once made the argument that abortion is good for the environment. Neal Gorsuch is going to be the next SCOTUS nominee one way or the other. Therefore, it makes sense that the Sierra Club would buy ads against something inevitable, right?


The ad will focus on the GOP’s threats to invoke the so-called “nuclear option” and let Supreme Court nominees be confirmed by a simple majority vote.

The nominees currently need to pass a 60-vote threshold to end debate and move to a final vote. Senate Republican leaders have said they will turn to the nuclear option if they can’t get 60 votes for Gorsuch.

“Change the nominee. Not the rules. A Supreme Court justice needs 60 votes,” the Sierra Club ad reads.

Courtney Hight, Director of Sierra Club’s Democracy program, said Gorsuch’s ideology threatens “both bedrock environmental laws and the rights of American citizens to a fair and equal voice in our democracy.”

The best part about this ad plan is that it is making demands of the Democrats. You know, the ones that want to filibuster and essentially force the GOP to use the nuclear option in the first place.

The ad is running in the home states of Democratic Sens. Joe Donnelly(Ind.) and Michael Bennet (Colo.) as well as Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), who caucuses with Democrats. All three are undecided on Gorsuch, according to The Hill’s Whip List.


I agree with the Sierra Club. We should pass Gorsuch with 60 votes. Two Democrats have said they’ll vote with Republicans. I call on Donnelly, Bennet, and King to join them and find three other Democrats to do the same. That way, we meet this silly notion of precedent and stop all this ridiculous talk of a filibuster over a good SCOTUS candidate.


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