The Insane Response to Mike Pence's Fidelity Summed Up In One Tweet

Hi, guys. I’m not sure if you saw this whole thing about Mike Pence and the fact that he doesn’t eat dinner alone with any woman who isn’t his wife. Hell, I almost missed it, and I do this stuff for a living.


Well, some liberals on social media got ahold of it and boy let me tell you that they do not seem to like the idea of a man being this devoted to his wife. It’s astounding, really. It’s almost like the collapse of a moral structure within the modern liberal movement has resulted in them believing that normal people just don’t do that.

Well, now people are deciding that this says something about Pence’s ability to govern. Check out this tweet, which perfectly sums up everything that is wrong with how these people think.

I honest to God want to know if these people know how stupid this sounds. It is insane to think that this little quirk about Pence somehow translates to “He is going to be extremely sexist when it comes to hiring people in his or other offices.”

To jump to that assumption means that you are scouring for just about anything to hit Pence on because you don’t have much. This behavior of his is indicative of a certain set of beliefs (Christian, chivalrous, whatever you want to call it) almost wholly rejected by a party that hailed the Clintons and the Kennedys.


To be faithful to his wife, and to avoid temptation or anything that might even seem inappropriate, is in line with his character – a good, moral character at that – and that a group of his political opponents would use it as a means to attack him is an excellent indicator that certain religions and the personal beliefs on moral behavior that it inspires are not welcome in the public square.

It is a pitiful attack on an otherwise good man, it is shameful, and it is quite insane.



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