Bad Polling for Trump: What Could Be More Unpopular Than Ketchup on Steaks?

Donald Trump has endorsed the GOP’s healthcare reform bill, the American Health Care Act. It is not very popular among Republicans and conservatives. So, the always reliable Public Policy Polling has asked voters the tough questions on the proposal, and here’s what they found.


PPP’s newest national poll finds that there is very little support for the American Health Care Act. Only 24% of voters support it, to 49% who are opposed. Even among Republican voters only 37% are in favor of the proposal to 22% who are against it, and 41% who aren’t sure one way or another. Democrats (15/71) and independents (22/49) are more unified in their opposition to the bill than Republicans are in favor of it.

But by a 27/56 spread, they disapprove of using ketchup as a condiment on steak. This is a rare issue where even Donald Trump’s own voters abandon him on something- only 34% of them approve of ketchup on steak to 52% who disapprove.

Trump’s preferred steak sauce for his well done (and therefore completely ruined) steaks is ketchup, because he is a terrible person who does terrible things. That awful practice, however, is more popular to the Republican base than the AHCA.

That’s how bad it is. Sweet mother of God.

If you get to this part of the post, enraged that I am writing this, then please allow me to inform you that, yes, I know PPP is all about partisan hackery and asking stupid, trolling questions. However, come on. Ketchup on steaks? How in the hell did he win Texas?


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