Bill Clinton's Daughter Lectures GOP on Morality, Attacks Obamacare Replacement

Chelsea Clinton, who is apparently the next face of the Clinton Legacy, has gone on the attack today, hitting the GOP’s replacement plan for Obamacare, being the daughter of Bill Clinton, naturally she attacks the bill from a moral standpoint.


Chelsea Clinton, whose father faced impeachment after lying under oath about his extramarital affair while he was President, believes that the GOP plan is immoral and wrong. Her father has for years faced allegations of sexual assault from multiple women.

Clinton’s critique of the bill is, naturally, only the latest in the media’s coverage of her as the Next Big Thing, because of her last name. The Hill posted this as a story, and has tweeted about the younger Clinton dozens of times, as pointed out in the tweet below.


The last name still carries power in some liberal circles. However, Chelsea herself is untested as a candidate. These little spurts of publicity are the Clinton Machine testing the waters.

However, it seems ill-advised to be testing the waters using morality as the chief complaint. As of this post, Chelsea Clinton has not spoken out critically about her father’s indiscretions.


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