New Accusations: Ukranian Lawmaker Says Trump's Lawyer Pushed Pro-Russia Peace Deal

In an interview with CNN, Ukranian lawmaker Andrii Artemenko told the news network that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, was interested in and pursued a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine that greatly benefited Russia in the long run.


In his interview with CNN, Artemenko shines a light on how a key Trump associate was allegedly prepared to push a controversial peace plan that might benefit Russia at a time when questions were being raised about the Trump’s ties to that country.

The Ukrainian member of parliament told CNN he met Cohen through a mutual acquaintance, businessman Felix Sater, and that the three had dinner in a Manhattan hotel in January.

Cohen denies the exchange took place as described.

Cohen told CNN in a text message that although he had dinner with Artemenko, they never discussed peace in Ukraine. Other media organizations reported that he offered them a different account. The White House has denied that Cohen delivered any peace plan to Flynn.

Now, Artemenko admits that people think he wasn’t working in Ukraine’s best interest, and that a prosecutor is opening a case against him, so it could very well be that he is trying to get rid of some of the heat by bringing the Trump Administration into the whole deal.


However, given the friendly nature between Trump, Trump’s people, and Russia, it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, either.

Cohen seems to be repeatedly getting name-dropped in stories dealing with Russia, though. Given the Trump team’s level of transparency, there could be a lot we’ll find out in the coming years.


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