Look At This Alex Jones Tweet

Seriously. Look at it. Right now. Don’t you dare look away.


This is the tweet of a madman. Posted at midday Trump Twitter time (4 a.m. ET). The point of this tweet is anyone’s guess. I honestly don’t understand the message here. We’re all Alex Jones, maybe? That is an M. Night Shyamalan twist if I’ve ever heard one.


Maybe I don’t understand it because I’m:

  • Not a conspiracy nut, nor do I believe that if I die another of me will take my place
  • Not a con artist preying on the conspiracy-addled fears of the people who look to me as a beacon of truth
  • Not someone who rants about chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay


This message was definitely not paid for by the Shadow Government of the United States, Moon People, or the McDonald’s Corporation.


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