Not Today, Internet: Woman Claims Popeye's Gave Her Flesh-Eating Worms

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Popeye’s is a great place to eat. If you’ve never had their fried chicken or their biscuits, you’ve missed out on some fantastic food. If you’ve never had their red beans and rice, you’ve missed out on flesh-eating worms.


In a 10-page lawsuit filed last week, Karen Goode of San Antonio claimed that Popeyes and its franchisee Z&H Foods knew or should have known about the parasite when they served her in spring 2015.

The screwworms, according to the lawsuit, entered Goode’s digestive tract and laid eggs, which embedded into the interior lining of her small intestine, then hatched and started eating Goode “from the inside out.”

Well, that’s just a little bit horrifying, isn’t it? Here’s an illustration of what these little buddies look like a do.


That’s underneath the skin of an animal, which is where you mostly see these infestations. You don’t hear many stories of screwworms in people, and if you do, you block it out almost immediately because Nope.


I am filled with regret over the fact that I had Popeye’s last night, and worse yet that I got it for my family. I will live in fear for the rest the day and night and until I forget about this story OR if I can manage to score a good enough head trauma.

I like Popeye’s. Now I can’t enjoy it ever again. Because nothing is sacred. Everything must be ruined for us. Such is the curse of the Internet.


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