#FakeNews: Media Thinks Trump Renamed Black History Month, Ignores Actual History

The day after the election, we knew the Media was going to take Trump’s victory and subsequent administration poorly. What we didn’t expect – or, rather, what we didn’t expect to the extent it’s happened – is that they would lose their minds in such a way that they would make up stories or completely ignore actual historical fact in order to attack him.


Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner has done a stellar job on Twitter of letting the Media’s work speak for itself. Here is one of his examples.


The absolute BEST however, is their wild claim that Trump is renaming Black History Month to African American History Month.




They are losing their damn minds over Trump, to the point where they are ignoring years of similar proclamations made by other presidents – INCLUDING THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, BARACK OBAMA – in order to score a hit piece.

How on earth do you justify this to your viewers and readers? How do you look anyone in the eye and, with pride, say you work at one of the outlets that is publicly melting down over Donald Trump?

This is absolutely insane, and while I cannot stand the idea of Trump as our president, I have to admit that there is a part of me rooting for him if he’s going to cause the media get crushed under the weight of its own stupidity.



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