In Memorium: A Look Back At Donald Trump's Phone's Greatest Hits

Yesterday, we reported that Donald Trump has turned in his personal cell phone on the advice of security officials. Thus is the end of one of the greatest eras in human communication: Donald Trump’s personal Twitter use.

Sure, he gets the @POTUS handle, but our biggest worry is that he simply won’t have the time to tweet as prolifically as he once did. But, seeing as we got such great joy from his personal Twitter use, we wanted to take a moment and remember the good times.

That Time He Retweeted A White Nationalist

This was a great one, and covered by our own Caleb Howe.


That Time He Went On An Early Morning Crusade Against Miss America

This was one of my personal favorites, because we had been told someone took Trump’s phone from him. And then this happened.

That Time He Tweeted An Invaka That Wasn’t His Daughter

To be fair, this seems to be a quoted retweet, but it’s still great.

That Time He Offered To Give Obama A Lifetime Supply Of Golf

If only Obama would just quit being president.

That Time He Got A Little Too Real About Obesity And Soda

Ouch, man… fair, though.

That Obsession He Had With The Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson Relationship

I don’t even know why this was a thing, but it was.

That Time He Alerted Us To The Greatest Nickname Ever

I never heard anyone call him this until he tweeted about it.

R.I.P. Donald Trump’s Phone. You will be missed.