Bill De Blasio PANICKS Over Betsy DeVos Nomination

Unable to gain any traction with the old talking points against Betsy DeVos, the Left is now attempting a different, though familiar, line of attack against her, as best exemplified by New York Mayor Bill De Blasio yesterday.


Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that he doesn’t want to “overstate the threat” posed by President-elect Donald Trump’s education secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos.

Raise the alarm!

De Blasio was asked during an unrelated press conference whether he’s concerned that DeVos, a major advocate for providing vouchers for private and religious schools, would gut city education programs that are partially funded by the federal government.

“Even if there were a threat down the line,” he said,” it’s not going to stop us from doing everything we’re doing,” on education policy.

It isn’t so strange that the Left would attack vouchers, considering the vast majority of those vouchers help kids go to school at private, Christian schools. Their absolute loathing of anything Christian makes this a guaranteed fear. You see it not just in De Blasio’s words, but everywhere. My own Facebook Page featured several comments yesterday on how we should be keeping religion out of education.

But, no one is suggesting we should thrust Christianity so forcefully back into education.

Likewise, no one, including DeVos, has suggested a massive overhaul of the education system by making vouchers available everywhere. In fact, DeVos herself said in her hearing yesterday that she would work with Congress to enforce any laws they pass, and not unilaterally legislate from her executive office.


What’s more, vouchers are not the only means of education reform. The last major critique of DeVos was over charter schools. However, she hasn’t favored either one over the other. She has advocated for both, while also calling for stronger public education.

Their outright panic over DeVos has made for some pretty baseless and outright idiotic attacks on both her character and what her policies as Secretary of Education. I’ve stated before that the Senate should confirm her,  and the fact that the Democrats are reduced to misrepresenting who she is and what she stands for is proof that there is nothing of any substance to keep her from being confirmed.


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