JUSTICE FOR KIM: Kardashian Jewel Heist Mastermind Officially Charged

Fans of the Kardashian clan can rejoice going into this weekend, as French prosecutors have officially charged the person who masterminded the robbery of Kim Kardashian while she was on a trip to Paris. The ring of perpetrators had previously been taken into custody.


So far as we know, there… actually, you know what? No. I can’t do this. I realize that we here at RedState bring you the news, but I’m not doing this.

This is how we get Donald Trump. This is how we get celebrities discussing politics at the Golden Globes. It’s not right. We spend way too much of our time as people focusing on what these people do, what happens in their lives, and when we do this, we give them a certain power.

The dude is being charged. Awesome. I very much hope he gets jail time. Hopefully for a long time. That said, do I need these updates? No. Do you? No. Does the general populace? Absolutely not. How many of the people cheering for justice in this case ignore the thousands of mugging cases in the U.S. per year? Practically all of them?

The vast majority people who are pissed that a celebrity spoke out on politics at the Golden Globes are the same ones who voted for a reality TV star and media personality to be the President of the United States. How did we get Trump? By paying attention to star power and not quality of the politics the person represents.

There are people out there on the left saying “Let’s nominate a celebrity next election. Then we’ll win for sure.” And, you know what? I would not be surprised at all if that happened. Frankly, it would have gone over way better than Hillary Clinton did.

The people who make the Kardashians a thing are the people who made Donald Trump a thing. They’ll yell and scream about it, and deny it, and some will probably say something racist because, hey, a bunch of racists did actually support Trump (not all of Trump’s supporters, but he never really dissuade white nationalists from doing so).


Sorry for the rant, but the fact that there are people so many people cheering for this case to get prosecuted, yet say nothing about the muggings that happen every day? That’s a little upsetting. The fact that there are people who treat celebrities as the arbiters of all knowledge, ranging from vaccines and autism to politics and social justice? That’s insulting.

What’s the future look like if we keep making celebrities the most important thing in all aspects of our lives? In 2050, Sony Entertainment will be president, with its biggest movies deciding policy. I’m not sure that I align with them politically, but I’ve owned every Sony gaming console ever made, so that has to mean something, right?

…Sorry. I needed to get that off my chest.


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