BREAKING: Hostage Situation Near University of Alabama Resolved

There were reports, including from the Associated Press, that law enforcement are responding to a hostage situation near the University of Alabama. Here’s what the AP initially reported.


Campus officials sent an alert on twitter Tuesday saying police from the university and city received a report of a robbery and hostage situation at an Alabama Credit Union branch.

The bank is located across the street from the UA law school.

Not too long after the AP’s report, local media were able to confirm the situation had ultimately been resolved.

Tuscaloosa police say the suspect involved in a hostage situation at a local credit union has been taken into custody. The hostages are reported to be safe.

Lieutenant Richardson says the exact amount of hostages is unknown at this time; however he says at one point, they believed the count was eight.

There are no reports at this time of the motives behind the situation, nor is there any confirmation of the man’s identity. We’ll keep you updated if we get any more information.


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