Can You Spot The Flaw In This Washington Post Express Cover?

There is a big Women’s March on Washington set for Donald Trump’s inauguration, because of course there is, because of course there has to be. It is set to be the largest rally ever linked to an inauguration.


At least, according to the Washington Post Express, their free daily newspaper. They worked up a big, artistic cover any everything. There’s just a teeny, tiny little flaw with the cover that people are shaking their heads at.

Are you aware of the difference between the Venus symbol and the Mars symbol? WaPo isn’t.


That would be the Mars symbol on that cover. As in, the symbol used to represent the male sex (gender, if you’re into that sort of thing). The symbol used for women is the Venus symbol – the one with the little cross attached to the bottom of the circle.

The mistake is as hilarious as it is a sad realization that there might be too few female editors and/or editors who know things and/or editors who actually look at the final product before it’s ready to go. Poor, poor Washington Post.


P.S., if you thought the teeny, tiny mistake was the “Today’a” and rather than the symbol, don’t worry. You went for the icing before the rest of the cake, which is fine. I did it, too.


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