Was Barack Obama a GOP Plant All Along?

Even since the outgoing president, Barack Obama, helped orchestrate one of the biggest betrayals of an ally in American history, I’ve been thinking about something that, on its face, seems ridiculous. However, looking at the evidence, it seems just as likely as anything else at this point.


The question I keep asking myself, over and over, is this: Is Barack Obama trying to help the Republicans out? For the longest time, the paranoia was that Obama was some sort of Manchurian candidate meant to usher in Sharia Law to supplant the Constitution of the United States. While that never manifested (as most rational-thinking people knew it wouldn’t), what we have seen come to light is Obama systematically destroying the Democratic Party from the inside.

He is hailed as much too smart to be making the political mistakes he’s been making. If he is the genius he was proclaimed to be, then the only remaining possibility is that he is doing this on purpose.

The Democratic Party lays in ruins. Sure, the Republican majority at the federal level has narrowed, but Republicans have never had as much power at the state level as they do now. Public opinion has shifted heavily against the insurance takeover that was the Affordable Care Act. Democrats have no bench whatsoever to help them rebuild.

They might have a chance in 2018, and maybe more of one in 2020, but they have to find people who can run. That’s the trouble.

A breakdown of the Democrats’ utter destruction is written beautifully at the New York Post:


Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, eight presidents have served at least two terms or bowed to their vice presidents due to death or resignation. Among them, Obama ranks eighth in total state legislative seats that his party preserved during his tenure.

Obama has supervised the net loss of 959 such Democratic positions, down 23.5 percent, according to Ballotpedia, which generated most of the data cited here. This far outpaces the 843 net seats that Republicans yielded under President Dwight Eisenhower.

By this measure, Ronald Reagan is No. 1. While he was president, Republicans gained six statehouse seats.

In terms of boosting his party’s state-level strength, Obama is the worst president since World War II. Reagan is the best.

Even after destroying his party as of November 8th, he has gone further to solidify that the Republicans are going to hit the ground running. His administration’s (alleged) role in the U.N. Security Council proposal against Israel has done little more than kill his (and, by extension, the Democratic Party’s) support from liberal, but pro-Israel Jews. It has united many Republicans who were wary of Trump, but see in him someone who is in line with them on Israel’s right to exist.


He has even given Benjamin Netanyahu someone else to blame for the deteriorating U.S.-Israel relations, a tool that will be valuable to him for PR purposes.


The destruction of the Democratic Party’s political operations seems almost systematic. It’s as though Obama, whether or purpose or by accident, did everything necessary to ensure the public backlash against his party would decimate them thoroughly.

There is a comparison to be made to Ra’s al Ghul, the Batman villain bent on rebuilding the world by destroying it. Am I saying Obama is at the head of a global network of weirdos working to reshape the world in the most nefarious ways possible? Well… I’m not not saying it.

However, he’s done a pretty good job of destroying the Democrats, if not the world, and it is the Democratic worldview that he has brought to the forefront. So… maybe this was all intentional.


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