Even Now, Leftist Statists Can't Imagine a World They Don't Control, and They're Buying Future Heartache

There is a story freshly put out by BuzzFeed titled “No One In Congress Wants To Regulate Fake News,” and if you know anything about journalism, then you know this story can only come about if someone is actually calling for Congress to do so. The very people who have been preaching about the Fake News Menace are the ones who are outraged that Hillary Clinton lost, and they need someone or something to blame.

However, this fight that these people want to wage? It isn’t just about fake news or the freedom of speech or whatever fancy term you want to wrap it up in. This is the Left once again finding something that they can force on a purely partisan level and dare anyone to challenge them on.

Limitations to the freedom of speech aren’t new. There are entire textbooks full of Supreme Court rulings on the subject (I know this because I was forced to study from one for a semester). There will always be someone out there challenging to see just how far these rules can go, where the line can be drawn, and they get government to draw that line for them. That is a mind-boggingly bad strategy, especially when it comes to the Supreme Court, which would undoubtedly have to take up this case.

You can absolutely try to limit who can say this or publish that. You can also try to limit what kind or how many guns can own. You can try to make health insurance something you have to buy. You can try to make abortion a right. But, each and every time you do this – each and every time you put these kinds of decisions before a group of unelected judges – you are saying that you are perfectly okay with the absolutely opposite eventually happening.

There is a reason that pro-life activists are upset Ohio’s fetal heartbeat bill got vetoed. They wanted that Supreme Court fight. Donald Trump’s presidency means that, if conservatives’ faith in Trump is rewarded, there will be a very conservative judge nominated to replace the late Antonin Scalia. There is speculation his isn’t the only seat that will need to be filled during the next administration, too.

A re-hash of Roe v. Wade scares the Left to death. Now, imagine their other victories in recent years (the Affordable Care Act, gay marriage, etc.) also being challenged. They’ll lose their minds, but this is exactly the kind of precedent that gets set.

The Supreme Court giveth, the Supreme Court can taketh away.

It’s not just a matter of SCOTUS either. As we’ve pointed out here before, increasing the size and scope of government increases the size and scope of its entities.

  • The over-militarization of the police forces leads to the very problems we see in cities between law enforcement and the black community.
  • The weaponization of the IRS can lead to liberal groups being targeted.
  • The partisanship of certain federal agencies can lead to the FBI, CIA, and other agencies will lead to heartbreak.

You cannot think increasing what the government can and cannot do, regulate, and enforce only works your way when we live within a heavily divided national atmosphere. To think that it’s possible is ignoring the reality of November 8, along with any and all past and future shifts from Republican to Democrat (or whatever other parties have existed or will exist).

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