BREAKING: Louisiana Gives Republican John Kennedy Last Senate Seat of 2016

Louisiana State Treasurer and Republican John Neely Kennedy has officially won the race for the only Senate seat still up for grabs this year.


With a sizable early vote lead, Campbell’s only chance was an overwhelming election day turnout, which he did not manage to rake in. Kennedy’s victory gives Republicans a 52-48 majority in the U.S. Senate.

Looking at the Decision Desk map, the only parish Campbell won in the early vote was East Baton Rouge Parish. A deeply red state in this cycle, Campbell for some reason decided to try and tie Kennedy to Donald Trump (who won the state by double digits just a month ago). Kennedy released a commercial saying “Yes, I do support our president elect” and then said very little else, letting Campbell just flounder.

Republicans also kept two other Congressional seats up for grabs on Saturday.


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