End Of An Era? Hillary May Be DONE With Politics ... Permanently


The election night defeat of Hillary Clinton must be taking a big toll on the Clinton family, in spite of talk earlier this week of the possibility that Hillary Clinton was looking at another go in 2020.


This week, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime friend and associate of the Clintons, says that no such plan is in the works. In fact, it looks like Hillary is done. For good.

Asked if the Clintons are done with politics now, he said: “I think so, sure. I don’t think Hillary has any interest in running again. I’ll let her speak for herself. I haven’t asked her that. I think the president’s probably going to go back, working on all the good deeds he’s done before in helping people around the globe. You know, there are elections. We’ve got to move forward. As governor of Virginia, I’ve got to move forward.”

Now, Hillary has been mostly silent on the issue of the future, though there have been reports that the Clinton Machine was grooming Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea, to run for Congress in New York.

As far as the elder Clintons go, it’s anyone’s guess. Their MO is to act in self-interest, regardless of circumstances. Another shot against a potentially very unpopular Donald Trump in 2020 might seem like a great idea to them. But rest assured the embarrassment suffered on the night of November 8th is one that still stings, and it’s impossible to tell how the Clintons will react to it. They’ve all been silent since it happened, and the media has decided to be “respectful” enough to not trouble them with such questions (though it hasn’t stopped them gushing embarrassingly about her post-election life.)


Honestly, though, Hillary should take the opportunity to tell the Democrats “I’m done,” and I’m not saying that as a political opponent or partisan. I genuinely feel that, with her life as it is right now, she needs to stay out of the public eye. She’s too old to be nursing political ambitions and targeting her enemies. It will only cause her grief, not to mention even more health issues. She should let a younger crop of Democrats take over from here. She can leave David Brock in a box on the side of the highway for some other poor, hapless Democratic politician to adopt.

The Clinton Era is over. The 2016 election proved that. They have nothing left to offer and no one who wants it. And if McAuliffe is correct (dear lord, what a thing to type), then they know the best thing to do is to just … let it go.



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