Buzzfeed's Anti-Christian Hit Piece Gets More Answer Than It Deserved From HGTV

Kate Authur, the same BuzzFeed journalist behind the heavily-criticized hit piece on Chip and Joanna Gaines, has gotten her response from HGTV. And, as literally anyone with any knowledge of HGTV’s public stances on the subject could tell you, the network confirmed that of course they let gay family’s on to their programs, including “Fixer Upper.”


“We don’t discriminate against members of the LGBT community in any of our shows. HGTV is proud to have a crystal clear, consistent record of including people from all walks of life in its series,” a spokesperson wrote in an email.

When pressed about same-sex couples being welcome on Fixer Upper in particular, the representative for HGTV highlighted the phrase “in any of our shows.” The series, which just launched its fourth season, has yet to do so.

The irresponsible piece of journalism that was Tuesday’s story blew up on social media yesterday, and was covered here at RedState by myself and Jay Caruso. As I said in yesterday’s post, HGTV has a long history of being publicly friendly with and supportive of the LGBT community. That didn’t stop Aurthur, who focused almost exclusively on the Gaines and their church, which is traditional in its Christian beliefs.

It is also written as though she and BuzzFeed achieved some sort of victory. It’s as though forcing a company to say something that is pretty common knowledge is a great achievement in journalism. HGTV, clearly frustrated with the media attention, gave a response that confirmed what is, again, easily researched online. And Aurthur apparently wasn’t satisfied, because she kept pressing on the issue of the one show with two Christians who go to a traditional Christian church.


HGTV, to be sure, didn’t have to give that answer. They didn’t have to give any answer. Kate Aurthur and BuzzFeed sure as hell didn’t deserve an answer to such a foolish question. A question, mind you, that was put into the story in order to try and make it not look like a hit piece on a Christian couple.


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