BREAKING: Chris Christie Makes Big Announcement to the Press

At a press event scheduled for 11:30 a.m., Chris Christie gave a surprising public announcement: He wants to renovate the New Jersey statehouse.

It is the first time in about two months that Christie had spoken to the press, and it was his first major appearance since getting booted off Donald Trump’s transition team. Christie had previously said he planned to finish out his term as governor. He has now re-affirmed his commitment to serving out the remainder of his term with the project’s announcement, saying he is not “equivocal” about it. He did, however, say he would consider any offer made to him, but that he was committed to his current job.

He has also absolutely trolled the media as beautifully as can be expected. Rampant speculation about what the announcement would be ran wild on Twitter leading up to his speech. Would he be given a job in the Trump administration? Would he resign after the Bridgegate scandal? Would Trump make us all laugh and laugh by naming Christie Transportation Secretary (turns out no, he’s picking Mitch McConnell’s wife).

Nope. He’s going to renovate the New Jersey statehouse. A project that will take about four years and require New Jersey’s executive branch to move out for a while. He did take the last few minutes to mock the media for its speculation. “Do you really think I’d make that announcement here?” he asked them, referring to an announcement that he was taking a job under Trump. He concluded with “Use some common sense.”

The war between the New Jersey Media and Chris Christie wages on.

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