POLL: More Than Half of Americans Think Trump Will Do Just Fine

If the Democrats and the Media and the cast of Hamilton were hoping they could erode Donald Trump’s support, then they really need to take a look at the most recent CNN/ORC poll. You know, the one that says 53% of Americans think Trump will do a good job. Only 44% think he’ll do a poor job.

A narrow majority (53%), say they think Trump will do a very or fairly good job as president, and 40% say they have a lot of confidence in Trump to deal with the economy, a share that outpaces the percentage who had that much confidence in Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan ahead of their first inaugurations.

That perception comes as majorities think Trump will achieve several of the goals outlined during his campaign as top priorities. Nearly three-quarters say Trump is likely to repeal and replace Obamacare, two-thirds think he will renegotiate NAFTA and 6 in 10 say he’ll create good-paying jobs in economically challenged areas. Separately, 63% say they expect the economy to be in good shape a year from now, the highest share to say so since September 2012.

Those are good numbers from Trump, and it comes amid the Media’s screeching that Trump is the very worst thing that could ever happen to America. While I agree he is the worst possible choice Republicans could have made, I can’t help but laugh heartily at the idea that the Media thinks we should take them seriously now when they have been saying the same thing about Republican presidents and presidential candidates since before I was born.

Here’s some more of the breakdown:

  • 51% think Trump will “drain the swamp”
  • 50% think he will defeat ISIS
  • 48% think he will build the wall

The bad news is that while 66% think Trump will definitely change America, 44% think that change is going to be for the better.

I’m not enthusiastic about the Trump presidency, but there is a certain sense of justice one gets when you look at just how much all the right people are losing their collective @#$% over the president-elect. While I think we should brace ourselves for the next 4-8 years, I can take a moment and enjoy their suffering. Lord knows they’ve earned it.

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