Donald Trump to Tag In a McMahon for Commerce Secretary?

Donald Trump to Tag In a McMahon for Commerce Secretary?
FILE - In this May 21, 2010 file photo, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Linda McMahon, right, and husband Vince McMahon, left, wait for delegate totals to be tallied during the Republican nomination at the Connecticut Republican Convention in Hartford, Conn. The widow of a World Wrestling Entertainment performer who died in a 1999 stunt says she's suing the Connecticut-based company and its leaders, including Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon. Martha Hart, widow of Owen Hart, plans to file her lawsuit Tuesday, June 22, 2010, in U.S. District Court in Hartford. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill, File)

News started coming out yesterday that the Trump camp was looking at a former Republican Senate candidate for Commerce Secretary. It just so happens that the former Senate Candidate in question is Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The Hill has some of the speculation here, but there’s not much to go on, other than NBC Connecticut confirming there was some reaching out and some discussions between the two parties.

There are a couple of reasons this move would appeal to Donald Trump. First and foremost, the McMahons (Linda and Vince) are incredibly successful businesspeople. When Vince took over the family business from his dad, he began working to connect all of the territorial wrestling divisions by buying them and consolidating them into one single entity – the one now known as the powerhouse WWE. The two took a niche industry/sport and made it mainstream in a way that wasn’t really thought possible. Linda ran the company during some of its most successful years.

Secondly, the two families are friendly. Trump himself has appeared in multiple WWE broadcasts, including their biggest annual event, Wrestlemania. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing. They are friends (despite Linda actually campaigning for Chris Christie in the primaries).

My initial reaction is that this spot is both a thanks for their support and a way to take a successful business family and put them to good use in a bad economy. Through Trump’s eyes, the eyes of a businessman, you need people successful in business to turn the ship around and begin making a profit again. The McMahons are registered Republicans, however I’d be wary of any east coast liberal streaks they might have.

If I had to guess, Trump is looking to have both Vince and Linda in his ear, because both have been successful, especially in taking a smaller business and turning into something massive and revenue-generating, something America on a grand scale needs.


P.S. On an interesting note, te wrestling world is constantly questioning and speculating on when Vince McMahon will step down from the WWE and give the business over to his daughter and son-in-law. This could be Vince’s out, should he want it, citing conflict of interest if he stayed. It may not turn out that way, but it is an option, which could have the political world and the wrestling world abuzz.

P.P.S. “Your knowledge of wrestling won’t amount to anything,” they told me. Well, look at me now.

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