Guys, Your Man-Guilt Was No Reason to Elect Hillary Clinton

It was bad enough during the election that we kept getting told we had to elect Hillary Clinton in order to shatter the glass ceiling and let America be ruled by a woman. It’s worse now that we’re lamenting that we didn’t do that. People like the editor of Foreign Policy, David Rothkopf, are absolutely distraught over the results.


If you are someone who works for Foreign Policy Group (much less someone who is the CEO and Editor of it), you should be expected to understand the consequences of Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. It’s not a simple case of “We need to elect a woman!” It’s a case of the most volatile region in the world going early-1900s Balkan on the global stage. It’s in absolute chaos, and you can’t blame it all on Barack Obama.

Yes, the outgoing President deserves his fair share of blame for the state of the region (and the world!), but he nominated arguably the most ineffective person possible for a job she treated as a filler until she could begin preparations to run for president herself. We may not ever learn everything that happened while she was there and how bad it truly was, but what we do know is pretty damning.

Sorry if you feel guilty for being a white male in an America that hasn’t yet elected a woman yet, fine. Feel guilty. But don’t back a woman who was as unqualified as the man who won, because that’s not how affirmative action even works.


There actually plenty of Democratic women who would have destroyed Donald Trump, but the Democrats went with the dynastic choice over someone might have deserved or at least earned it. You see, you weren’t really choosing a first woman president. You were choosing a second Clinton president. That was not only bound to fail, it’s an insult to the women who might actually have broken barriers.

It’s not on us, it’s not on America, and it’s not on our democratic process that Hillary Clinton was the wrongest choice you could have made.

That’s on y’all.


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