North Carolina County Asks For Extra Voting Hours After Ballot Glitch

North Carolina County Asks For Extra Voting Hours After Ballot Glitch
FILE - In this June 24, 2016 file photo, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory speaks during a candidate forum in Charlotte, N.C. North Carolina’s Republican lawmakers have legalized needle and syringe exchange programs across the state to combat a heroin epidemic law enforcement officials say is reaching critical levels. McCrory on Monday, July 11 approved the law despite objections from some conservative representatives who say such exchange programs only facilitate addictions. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Another state, another glitch. This time, coming from Durham County, North Carolina, where the Board of Elections there has asked for an extension to allow voters time to get in and exercise the privilege to vote after their electronic check-in service went down. Via CNN:

The unanimous recommendation, which was sent to the state Board of Elections at 1:30 p.m. ET, came after a glitch in the electronic voter check-in system required a switch to paper roll books, Durham County Board of Elections spokesperson Briana Khan told CNN.

By state rules, all voting locations in the county have to be affected for an extension of voting hours. The county has brought in 60 additional staff to work on providing more data to the state on how much the voting has been affected, Khan said.

At least five precincts in North Carolina had to switch to paper poll books earlier in the day. The move came “out of an abundance of caution,” according to Patrick Gannon, spokesman for the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

We haven’t yet heard if the state will grant the request, but North Carolina is a hotly contested state this year for both the presidency AND the governor’s seat. Both Donald Trump and Pat McCrory are hoping to pull out a win despite the polls showing showing a good chance for the Democrats to pick it up. Trump, who has already filed one lawsuit (and gotten it shot down) regarding extra voting time, has not commented on this situation… yet.

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