CNN Early Exit Polls: "Not Much Of A Choice"

CNN is releasing the first of its early exit polling, and it is a snapshot of just how people feel about this election.

It’s not good. They do not feel good about it.

In fact, to quote CNN, the voters feel there’s “not much of a choice” at the ballot box today. Here’s more from CNN.

Only about four in 10 voters said they would be excited or optimistic about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House next year, according to early exit polls.

That contrasts with their view of the current president. Some 54% of voters going to the polls today said they approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president.

And while there’s been lot of talk by Donald Trump about the election being rigged, about eight in 10 said they were at least somewhat confident that the results of the election would be counted accurately.

Because of the bipartisan nature of the people’s disapproval, it’s really hard to tell if this lack of enthusiasm helps or hurts anyone. It doesn’t bode well for the Republic in general (I think?), and it shows that we might have really messed up on this one, you guys.

It’s the fact that the voters have a solid opinion of Barack Obama’s job as president that really shows you how bad things are. Until Trump came along, people were generally disgusted with him. Then, the people realized how bad it could be with Trump or Clinton and they decided this Obama guy isn’t so bad.

As far as the make-up of the electorate, here’s what we’ve got so far:

If this is accurate, a lower black turnout could prove to be good for Donald Trump. However, higher Hispanic turnout can offset that loss. It’s what the whites will do that will be key, however. Hillary is winning college-educated whites, according to polls. Trump has those without a college education. These are preliminary results, mind you, and early exits are always iffy at best. However, we’ll keep you updated as more come in.

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