Florida's Simple Choice: Vote For Marco Rubio

Tomorrow, as the residents of Florida walk into the voting booth, they’ll be facing a few tough choices. However, the choice for who should represent them in the United States Senate is simple. Your options are Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy. Your choice has to be Rubio.


Set aside his choice to vote for Donald Trump. There are few people in the Senate who have his knowledge of foreign affairs. There are not many who have repeatedly shown they have a keen sense of the world stage and its actors. Rubio has demonstrated that time and again. We are entering an era where the world stage matters. Its actors matter. What happens across the globe matters.

Patrick Murphy, meanwhile, is a man who is constructed almost entirely out of political opportunism. Business owner? It was his dad’s business. Claims he’s an immigrant? Nope. Helped clean-up the BP oil spill? Lie. Hell, his name is a political choice – he goes by “Patrick” rather than his given name of “Erin.”

Florida Democrats looked all over for someone to challenge Rubio. They found Patrick Murphy, and went with him instead of Alan Grayson because duh. Following that, Murphy went on to be a terrible candidate in just about every way.

Rubio has a record in the Senate of doing good, conservative work. He has faltered at times (he is only human), but he is overall someone that we can rely on in the Senate.

Florida has an easy choice. A serial liar and Democrat, or someone who has a record of being a solid conservative. Vote for Marco Rubio.


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