Was Sean Hannity Wrong to Say Wikileaks Never Got Anyone Killed?

Was Sean Hannity Wrong to Say Wikileaks Never Got Anyone Killed?

The other night, I put up a quick post about how Sean Hannity was going off on Ben Sasse because Sasse criticized Hannity’s adoration of Wikileaks. Among Hannity’s tweets that night was this claim that Wikileaks has never divulged information that has put someone’s life at risk.


That’s a pretty strong claim from a guy who claimed interviewed ANN COULTER in 2010 about how dangerous it is for Wikileaks to publish this information.

So, quite the flip-flop from Noted Trump Propagandist Sean Hannity over Wikileaks not putting lives at risk. Except… Wikileaks may totally have done just that. Check out this tweet from former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul.

Several good conservatives have pointed out, repeatedly, that trusting and legitimizing Wikileaks as a source is a bad idea. They are a front for a foreign power (and a somewhat hostile one, at that), with plenty of ties to said power. They do not have the best interests of the United States at heart. To pretend otherwise is to legitimize and empower them to do more.

Sean Hannity ought to be ashamed… if he had any shame left*.


*Spoiler: I don’t think he does.

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