Is Dinesh D'Souza is Trying to Be Clever or Does He Think What Trump Did Is Okay?

Dinesh D’Souza is the filmmaker behind “Obama’s America,” “Hillary’s America,” and the upcoming “America Is Going To Die TOMORROW” (probably). Earlier today, he tweeted out what is at best a clever point that is so very poorly worded. At worst, he’s justifying Donald Trump’s creepy behavior.


What D’Souza, and the rest of the Trump movement in general, fails to realize when they make these comparisons is that both of these things are wrong. It is wrong for men to be allowed to use the women’s bathroom and it is wrong for a man to walk into a women’s dressing room. There is no trying to defend one from the other here.

If D’Souza is trying to make some clever point about guys in girls’ bathrooms or dressing rooms, he’s going about it in the entirely wrong way. Donald Trump’s actions should not be defended in any way because they are so horrifying. All you are doing is making people defend Trump with this, instead of focusing on just how bad both things are.


Conservatives argues that allowing women to be put in the position to be victimized is wrong. It is immoral, as Ben Howe puts it on Twitter. Why on earth would we defend it in any way just because the media is attacking Donald Trump over something similar?

Stop using Trump as a means to attack liberals. He is just as bad as they are. Mostly because he was one of them.



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