FREEDOM: Un-shackled Trump Plans to Bring the Heat... Against More Republicans

No more does Donald Trump have to deal with the GOP Establishment. No more does he have to stand by such a failing party. They have turned their backs on him, so he shall turn his back on them.


If Donald Trump has been shackled up to this point, I am terrified of what he’s going to do next.

Seriously. “The shackles have been taken of me”? What are you going to do? Tweet angrily at the leader of Congressional Republicans? What is your plan here, Donald? What on earth are you going to do to win the hearts and minds of America?

Really, like there were any shackles at all here. Donald Trump himself said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his fans would still love him. There is nothing the GOP hasn’t really let him get away with. This last tape was the most they really got agitated with him, and he’s survived it. Somehow.


Donald Trump is the must unrestrained politician we have. There’s no tact, there’s no filter, and there’s certainly nothing that’s stopped him from attacking Republicans before. Maybe he made a tentative deal with the RNC to stop attacking Republicans when he was nominated, but really, he is no more restrained in that regard than anything else.

He is an impulsive actor who responds to personal insults. It is more shocking that he didn’t yell “Shut up, you dumb broad” to Martha Raddatz on Sunday night (though I might not have blamed him if he had) than it is that he is un-shackled now.


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